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Traditional Butterfly Lanterns Material Pack

Traditional Butterfly Lanterns Material Pack

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Traditional Butterfly Lanterns Material Pack
Sisters this is the material package, material package, material package, containing materials are cut out, the pigment is also well-tuned color, you need to provide their own scissors and color mixing bowl, candles, lighters, and hands on it. There are tutorials, will not be able to ask me, it is recommended that there is a certain handmade foundation of the baby shoot, a little handmade foundation are not recommended to shoot finished products, because it is still somewhat difficult to do!
DIY Hanfu photo props non-legacy lanterns
A 45 yuan
Contains bamboo strips
1 glue stick
1 bottle of alcohol glue
1 piece of cotton paper
Chinese paint according to your favorite color match
1 bamboo stick
1 piece of wire
2 balls of medical tape
3 meters of warm light string 1
A spare bamboo stick
With pictures and video tutorials

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