Why choose us!

If you are doing dropshipping sales, what can we offer you:

Compared with other sellers, our advantages are shown as following:

  • High efficiency

From the same day for placing an order in the factory, the goods are shipped after the inspection without any problem, which shall be received within 1-2 days,

  • Transparency of fees and services

It can providing contact methods of suppliers or factories and logistics providers, and providing payment receipts to confirm expenses. Each order can reduce costs by at least 30% -50%. In addition, there are various delivery methods of logistics providers. flexibility of logistics time and expenses, increase transportation time and reduce customer complaint rate.

  • 1 vs 1 customer service

We only service to the customers for dropping shipper, instead of the retailer and other sales service, which can ensure high satisfied of customer service and high efficiency.

If you do not understand dropshipping sales, however, you have plans to do it, what can we offer you as following:

You could receive earlier stage training for teaching how to become dropshipper, moreover, you could gain the relevant supplier or factory information for completely free. You only need to spend 1 hour or less time to add products and place orders, even you do not need to inventory preparation. We will always serve you.

Our commission charge about 0.5-2 USD/ per other for dropshipper, according to your daily order quantity. This commission includes the entire service fee as your agent to purchase and inspect directly from the factory, inventory, delivery and other services.

Please email us sales@dropshipping-agent.com if you have any questions!