Why choose us?

Dropshipping agent FAQ!

1. What is your service?
We will be your dropshipping agent or sourcing agent from china.
2. Are you willing to find and share the factory or supplier information?
Yes, we willing to find the best factory as per your request, and share all information with you.
3. How long have your team been working as a dropshipping agent?
2+ years.
4. How do you charge for your service?
We will charge for you as per your order quantity per day! no additional fee.
10-20 orders per day: 2 USD / order
20-50 orders per day: 1.5 USD / order
50-100 orders per day: 1.25 USD / order
100-500 orders per day: 0.85 USD / order
>500 orders per day: 0.5 USD / order
5. Why choose us?
We will directly place the order from the factory, will reduce at least 30%-50% cost. If you doing dropshipping from aliexpress, will reduce at least 50%-70% cost.
We have good relationship with many popular shipping carriers, provide faster service and cheaper price.
5. Do you accept discount or referral fees from suppliers? if so are you going to be transparent about it?
We can not accept discount or referral fees, you can directly contact them to check. we will provide the proof of charge to dropshipper, we make sure all fee will be transparent.
6. How to place the oder through website?

DIANXIAOMI is great way to deal with your order, if you have not, we will contact you to confirm the supplier and the price, we will add your personality product link, then you can place the order and make the payment safety. Just email sheet if you have more orders.
7. Can you please define the service scope included based on the fee you charge?
we will help you search and find the great supplier or factory for free,
We will be your dropshipping agent to deal with your order, place the order from the supplier and perform the quality inspection by ourself, 30-day free stocks if you like, ship the order as per your choose shipping carriers to your customer.
All processing or fee is transparency and share to you.
We will try to provide 100% satisfied service for you!

Sourcing agent FAQ!