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Personal handmade moss carpet, really super nice!

Personal handmade moss carpet, really super nice!

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Personal handmade moss rugs, really super nice to get into!

A batch of existing material package can also choose the finished product

The existing batch of finished 1.3*0.7m

Little princesses can be handmade, you can also choose the finished product ha!

50 for the price of consulting custom oh! Like to chat about it!

Support customisation, welcome to tease

Green overflowing, moss carpet of natural poetry
By chance, I found a corner of the green world, that is, the moss carpet to bring the surprise. It is quiet and vibrant, as if it is a poem carefully drawn by nature, which makes the heart happy.
Moss carpet is delicate and soft, like a piece of green clouds, spread underfoot. Every step you take is like an intimate dialogue with nature, feeling the tenderness from the earth.
The sunlight through the window sprinkled on the moss carpet, flashing a little light, as if each piece of moss is telling its own story. The tranquillity and beauty of this, people can not help but indulge in it, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the world.
In the busy life, the moss carpet brings me a piece of green serenity. It is not only the greenery under the feet, but also the solace of the soul. Whenever I am tired, I will come here to feel the embrace from nature.
If you also desire to have a close contact with nature, try moss carpet. It will be a bright landscape in your life, bringing you endless freshness and tranquility.

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