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Battle Tyrannosaurus Rex Broken Mirror

Battle Tyrannosaurus Rex Broken Mirror

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Battle Tyrannosaurus Rex Broken Mirror
Battle Tyrannosaurus Beast Broken Mirror purchase method:
① broken mirror alone: 248 (no Battle Tyrannosaurus Beast)
② broken mirror ➕ not assembled Battle Tyrannosaurus Rex (painted metallic) 650
③ broken mirror ➕ Battle Tyrannosaurus Rex (finished, hand-assembled limbs) 750
Photos and videos are taken by me without filters, the real thing is even better!
Energy cannon color options (purple, red, blue, etc. can be matched with the darkness of mercy, etc. can be. The whole can be hung on the wall.
Battle Tyrannosaurus Rex are Bandai genuine box said complete!
Don't have read not back basic courtesy, buy or not buy all right, I'm very good to talk!
Work period of about 7 days, do not take rush orders
SF to pay, no shipping (packing cost is too high, shipping loss count me)
Handmade imperfections are inevitable, perfectionists do not bother!

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