What do you expect of a China dropshipping agent?

When you looking for a dropshipping agent in China you may know what you need, cheaper suppliers, faster shipping, better quality control or brand marketing requirements and lower order fulfillment cost etc. Then see if the dropshipping agent could help you.

Before that your dropshipping business should met the following requirements:

Light weight. Heavy weight product will drametically increase your shipping cost and make your business less competitive;
Higher order value. The product average order value should be no less than 30 usd thus you have enough profit margin to do marketing and hire dropshipping agent to fulfill orders;
Stable monthly orders. When you looking for a dropshipping agent in China you should have stable orders per day, monthly 200 to 300 orders or above, else the order fulfillment cost will be increased, if you have less than 5 orders per day it is useless to find an agent to help you.
Once you have stable sales with enough profit margin, then you can find a Chinese agent and expect their service to help you provide better user experience, for example,

Cheaper suppliers. If you have best seller products you can ask the agent to help you wholesale to reduce the product cost based on your daily sales;

Quality control. Unlike Aliexpress sellers ship directly to your clients, the Chinese agent will check the product quality and help you remove the promotional cards, labels etc. pick out the products damaged and has flaws;

Faster shipping. If you wholesale the best seller products, then the order fulfillment speed is faster, in addition, the agent could provide faster shipping line at cheaper cost compared to suppliers. If you dropship from China to USA, in addition to ePacket, the agent could also provide faster shipping ways like China USA direct line or UPS small package line, which is more stable and faster than ePacket while the price is cost effective;

Branding label and packaging. Once you have stable sales in the store you can start to plan branding label and packaging, the Chinese agent could help you brand the products to increase the brand awareness in the social networks and lower down your marketing cost in the long term running.

What else you can expect on Chinese dropshipping agent? Just let us know when you cooperated together, and I am sure your expectation will be satisfied.

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