How to work for dropshipping service?

How to work for dropshipping service?

We provide you with one-stop services including; Sourcing, Negotiating, Purchasing, Quality Control, Shipping, Free Warehouse Storage, and Custom Services (branding, packaging, and an insert card) according to your requests.
Taking care of you with all your needs in China – We Are Your Best Choice.

1.Source any products to you according to your product specifications.

2.Purchasing products according to the requirements and specifications of your order.

3.Free storage to your multi-goods for 30 days. We will charge you a little storage fees after free time.

4.We will carefully check each of your items before shipment to ensure your customers are satisfied.

5.Packing & Taping your goods very well before shipment and ensure that your shipment is not damaged during shipment.

6.We will ship the product to your customers based on your order information or choosed shipping methods.

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